Yea for Graduations!

I felt like it was my prom all over again, only without the dancing.

My kids, class of 2019. Doesn't that sound just a little crazy?

Myself and my aide, Ana Ramirez

Fernando Javier Echeverria

Raquel Esquivel & Victor Umana

Maria Jose Urbina & Enoc Isai Morales

Marianna Mejia

Astrid Lara
Also, by clicking on the links below, you can see some video clips of the beloved event.


Anonymous said...

Macayla Mae-When oh when will you be in Vero??? I am in desperate need to talk to you sweet girl!!!!
-Mandy Lee

Macayla said...

Mandi Lee!!!! How are you?? I have missed you! Please, please get skype so we can talk!

Anonymous said...

Miracle of Miracles, a tan! -Ashley

Tara said...

YOU ARE SO Beautiful! I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Mac-I have no clue what skype is, and I don't know what your email is! :( When will you be here?!?!

sjl said...

Macayla!!!! I need your e-mail address!!! how am i going to get it!!!

from Sarah Lawrence

Anonymous said...

Macayla!! Great info and some season 4 spoilers at this website!! check it out if you need an Office fix and have time to kill.


Make sure to look at the Dunder-ku entry on July 15th. HILARIOUS!!

Well, I hope you are doing well- I don't have an e-mail address or anything so this is the only way to get in touch with you...

Things turned out fine with my new friend. I even got a goodbye gift, and e-mails have been exchanged since I am in the states.

Anyway- I'm sure your friends that read the comments on your blog are so glad to know all that... I hope you are well, and can't wait to see you in August.

The first 4 office episodes are each an HOUR long!! woopee!!

from Sarah L.

Macayla said...

Sarah!! I am finally in the states, and I have been receiving your comments, but since I have not had internet for a month I've been going to internet cafes in Tegus, and I have not been able to figure out all of the spanish hyphens and "@" symbols on the keyboard, so I could not write you back!! My email is MPurchase@flagler.edu

Please e-mail me. I'm dying to hear about your friend :)